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Businesses often have heavy foot traffic which equals more wear, tear, and opportunity for damaged carpet. Whether you manage a hotel, restaurant, office building, or any other kind of business, JTEC Carpet Repair has fixed carpet in many commercial settings. So we have the professional experience  needed to get the job done right. 

office space for commercial carpet repair


Elevator lobby for commercial carpet repair

Realizing the value of a clean and sightly business. JTEC commercial carpet repair services can be trusted for:

  • Carpet Re-Stretching.
  • Seam Repair.
  • Carpet Resections (Patching).
  • And Other Carpet Repairs Pertaining to your specific situation.

Carpet Re-Stretching

Re-stretching wrinkled carpet

Carpet is designed to lay flat and tight. When your carpet is loose, it moves as you walk on it. This movement up and down under your feet breaks down the integrity of your carpet and wears it out.

Why did wrinkling or buckling or rippling happen to your carpet?

  1. Wrinkling or buckling of your carpet can happened because your carpet was improperly installed, most likely with a knee kicker only.
  2. Carpet can loosen from general wear over time.
  3. Carpet can be loose at the wall. (not on tack-strip).
  4. Tack-strip itself can be loose from the foundation.
    JTEC re-stretch’s your wall-to-wall carpeting to manufacturers specifications. Giving your carpet that smooth snug finish!


Even though carpets were meant to be walked on, heavy foot traffic can eventually wear down even the best and toughest carpets by loosing the glue that holds the carpet to sub-flooring.

Excessive moisture is another culprit that can degrade the integrity of the carpet glue, do to flooding or even leaving a carpet too wet after cleaning.

Call JTEC to repair your wrinkled, bubbled and loose commercial carpet.

wrinkled commercial glue down carpet

Carpet Resections

If a portion of your carpet has been damaged, patching the affected area can save you a fortune when compared to replacement. Successful carpet patching requires that you have a spare piece of carpet large enough to replace the damaged area. You may have carpet left over from installation, or perhaps we can pillage a piece from a closet or underneath a piece of furniture.

Often, when we repair a carpet by installing a carpet patch, it’s invisible.

Carpet Patch and resections
Commercial Carpet resections

Other times you can see the patch from across the room. There are several main reasons that a patch may be visible.

  • Your carpet is faded while the donor carpet is not. This will create an obvious color difference.
  • Your carpet is worn while the donor carpet is now. The difference in wear pattern may or may not be obvious.
  • Short fiber carpet shows seams more than long fiber carpet.
  • Seams that run across the row show more than seams that run will the row.


Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Carpet Repairs

100%-satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results of your JTEC commercial cleaning services, we’ll will find the solution with the our resolving following steps:

  • RECLEAN any areas or items.
  • REFUND what you paid for the service if you’re still not satisfied after we’ve recleaned.
  • REPAIR any damage due to our work, at our expense.

*dependent on customary industry standards*

Reasons To Choose JTEC

Satisfaction Guaranteed

JTEC guarantees our commercial cleaning services. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll do whatever it takes to fix it.

Flexible Scheduling

JTEC provides commercial cleaning services after hours, on Sundays, and around your schedule to serve you at your convenience.

Maintenance Programs

Prolong the working life of your commercial flooring, upholstery, and more with a maintenance program tailored specifically for your business.