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Note: Using a wet/dry vac can be used for extraction instead of a towel.

How to Remove Tar from Carpet: Method # 1

  1. Upon discovering the tar stain, be sure to remove as much of the stain as you can. Blot the stain to remove any tar residue.
  2. Vacuum the tar stain to get rid of any remaining particles.
  3. To create a cleaning solution, mix warm water and ¼ cup of liquid dish soap.
  4. Apply this cleaning solution directly to the tar stain. Slowly work from the outside of the tar stain to the center, moving slowly inward so you don’t spread the stain further onto the carpet.
  5. Rinse the tar stain with cold water and repeat steps 1 through 4 until the stain disappears.
  6. If the stain has not fully disappeared, you may want to consider professional carpet cleaning, which utilizes specialized stain removal equipment.
  7. If you’re able to use this method to successfully remove tar from carpet, place a dry paper towel directly onto the affected area. Weigh down the paper towels and allow them to soak up any moisture from the carpet. Leave overnight.
  8. Vacuum the area.

How to Clean Tar off Carpet: Method # 2

If the above mentioned method is not successfully removing the tar stain from your carpet, try the following:

  1. Moisten the affected area of the carpet with 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Let the tar stain sit for 1 minute.
  3. Blot with a paper towel to absorb any remaining stain.
  4. Apply a few paper towels directly onto the area with a weight and let it sit overnight. 

How to Remove Tar from Carpet: Method # 3

This tar stain removal technique involves a bit of store-bought cleaning solution, along with some rubbing alcohol. Before calling a professional carpet cleaner, you can try this do-it-yourself solution to remove tar from carpet.

  1. As soon as you discover the tar stain, it’s important to act quickly by scooping up any tar using a knife or spoon.
  2. If you have any store-bought carpet cleaning solutions available (sometimes these can help when wondering how to remove tar from carpet), try testing a small area of your carpet to see the effects it has. You’ll want to test a small portion to make sure it doesn’t damage your carpet.
  3. Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol directly onto the tar stain. Blot with a dry, clean cloth.

If you can still see any remaining stain on your carpet, you can also try applying a bit of WD-40 (who knew WD-40 could help you answer the question of how to remove tar from carpet?) then gently working it into the stained area. Remember to try a bit on a smaller area of your carpet before applying it to the stained area.

Remember to always do a spot removal test on a portion of carpet or upholstery that is normally not visible. 

*This website provides suggestions for home remedies for removing stains. JTEC LLC is not liable for any damage to your personal assets from these recommendations. Professional cleaning is always recommended.